Tools & resources for Domain Name Hunters

One of the things I love about domaining is the fact that it has a lot of free tools that can be used to research potential investments before you get started. In this content, I will be showing you some of the free and effective tools that I use to research good domain names. Moreover, another interesting thing is that these tools cost nothing but your time.

These tools am going to be listing will give you the perfect idea if the domains you want to get will mean a lot to others and not just you alone.


Tools & resources for Domain Hunters:

  1. The Google AdWords keyword tool has been my best tool in my research box, and it is responsible for most of my successful investments. This Google Adwords keyword tool will help you determine how many people are searching for a particular keyword or phrase, and how many advertisers are interested in investing in them.
  2. this is a great tool that can be used to find out the estimated value of domain names. One of the best features of this tool is its lead generator and end user finder tool. Most investors will search for buyers advertising on Google Adwords, who are paying to rank for keywords matching your domains. Moreover, the other options that follow will be other domain similar to yours.
  3. Namebio if you are in search of historical domain sales then the right place to search will be namebio. This great tool gives you a wide range of options to search for huge database of domain sales. If you want to purchase info domain, and you are looking for information about what the .com sold for, then you just head directly to namebio, and you will get info about what it sold for, how much it was sold, the date of the sale, and exactly where it was sold.
  4. DN Journal: the DJ journal is regarded as the most popular domaining resources on the planet and for excellent reasons aside from having a top notch article and insight into the domain industry; it also provides a weekly data sale.
  5. this is a fantastic tool that really goes deep into domaining. You can use this tools to register “Deleted & Closeout” Domains. There are some gems that are available each and everyday, now the gem represent less than 1% of the total domain name that are available, so be prepared to work. You can also use this tool to bid on Godaddy Auction(nice feature). In a next article, i will provide a video ¬†that explain how you can use this tool efficiently.


Here are a few Video Tutorials that will illustrate perfectly the use of these tools: Tutorial:





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