The domain investing checklist: buying and selling & develop and monetize

In today article, we will explore a simple checklist when you are searching for good domain names. We will consider 2 types of Domains name,  the first ones are domains that we will buy to resell without any content. This is the real Domaining industry, but as you will realize with time some domains can use some content to attract some nice profits with a little ground work.


The domain investing checklist: buying and selling

  • You should study the current domain sales market by using tools like DJ journals and NameBio
  • Once you have understood what type of domains is selling, then you can begin creating several saved searches on Freshdrop and have them emailed to you daily.
  • Look at expiring names that fit into your criteria on daily bases
  • Make sure to analyze every name using the Google Adwords keyword tool, Estibot and domain tools
  • You should only buy names that you have concrete information to back up the value of the domain
  • You should use estibot lead generator to contact potential buyers
  • If the names do not sell then, you should head to the auction sites
  • List your names for sale at reasonable prices at auction sites and domain listing services
  • You should keep calling, emailing, and listing your names for sale. It is the active sales process
  • You should enjoy making your first sale.

Domain investing checklist: develop and monetize

  • You should pick a niche you are familiar with and also passionate about
  • Using the Google Adwords keyword tool to find out which keywords have the highest search volume and CPC in your niche
  • Make sure that the most popular keywords have meaningful search volume and CPC
  • Once you know the top keywords in your niche, and you have proven that your niche has significant traffic and advertisers interest to be profitable, then you can begin looking for the right domain to develop
  • Using Freshdrop to create several saved searches for the keywords you are targeting
  • Buy a domain that exactly matches the keywords you are targeting
  • Start with a 10-20 page website on the domain with engine optimized contents
  • Add your monetization solution, which will most likely be affiliate ads to start with
  • Email similar site owners to generate some initial backlinks
  • Continue to add content and backlinks until your domain is on the first page of Google or Bing and is starting to get a meaningful level of traffic and revenue
  • Continue to tweak and optimize over time to get more revenue per visitor
  • Enjoy your new passive income stream, and welcome to domain investing!
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