Question: is it too late to invest in Chinese Domains?

dnchineseHi guys,

in January I started a private newsletter, where we help inexperienced domainers to invest in Chinese domains.

One question that always pop, is “Is it too late to invest in Chinese Domains”. All the good ones are gone, and short generic Chips are just too expensive.

To address this question, you have to evaluate where you stand right now.

The answer depends on if you can invest 500$ per month or if you have 100,000$ available.

Some famous domainers will advise you to invest the 500$ in one quality domain and start from there. I don’t like this approach for several reasons. You will buy this great domain, what can you expect to resell it for 1000$ or up to 20,000$ within a year.

There are very little chances that you can resell it with this profit within 30 Days. Now, another approach if you only have 500$ would be to acquire some great expired and dropped domains from 10$ to 70$.

Example: you acquire 4 domains at namejet for 70$ and you hand register 20 domains. You now have around 25 domains that you can try to resell.

You can try to sell them today on forum, and publish them on different marketplace. And generate some cash really fast.

The key, being that you acquire domains that people are willing to acquire at a multiple of reg fees.

If you buy 50 domains at reg fee, and find a way to sell a few of them anything from 50 to 100$. You can be in profits after 10 sales. And you still have 40 domains to sell.

You probably heard domainers advising to not hand register domains name. That is bull-crap, some big domainers registered thousands of numeric domains that they resold to Chinese investors at a profit of 1000% to 2500%(referring to 6N without 0 & 4)

I personally joined the train a little late, i still managed to register around 500 domains that i sold at 500% to 2500%.

Now is it possible to do that in March?

Yes, but you have to think outside the box. I hand registered around 600 domains from January to March, and will resell them at a high profits.

In the next weeks, we will launch a series of webinar where we will show you live how to do just that.

The first Webinar will be aired within weeks.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning “how to invest in Chinese Domain”, please post your questions as a comment below.




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