Investing in Chinese Domains

dnchinese-1Hi guys,


investing in Chinese Domain is a work in progress

Today is just the best day to start.

You have to realize that more Chinese will join the domain name craze within the next 5 years. And some domain name that can look like a bad bet, will probably make a nice retirement when the market will be at his top in a few years.

Some domainers turn in panic mode, when the sales go down. You have to realize that even if the price goes down a little bit that is a normal process in any market.

What we know is that in the next years, more and more Chinese investors will join the party. And the ones that have build a nice portfolio will be able to make some great move, like reselling a big portfolio to one investor.

I always had this in mind when investing in Chinese domain name.

Right now, we are preparing for a trip to China in June where we will be promoting some great services to Chinese investors.

All the information will be available on this website.

I will also keep moving on developing a marketplace platform for Chinese domain name at

bookmark this website, as some big announcements are coming this May and June, something that will help you sell your Chinese domain name much faster.


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