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Most domainers venture in this business the wrong way, and I am no exception. Just because you heard of people making good money from the buying and selling of domain names, you start to get the feeling that it is as easy as it looks, so you head straight to go daddy and start to buy the domain name as much as you can. The most interesting part is that most of the domain names you think of, are still available so you register as much as you can. Now you start to think to yourself that you have a very profitable portfolio of domains. Sorry to break the bad news to you it is not easy in any way, because you have many things to learn before diving into the business.

When I first started, I must have purchased over a thousand domains and just like any other new investor; I felt I had gotten the best domains, after my first year I had sold few domains but, to be honest, it took over hundred hours to get it done.

This is what you should know before starting domaining, hand registering domains without an idea of how the industry works just pour disaster. When you go directly into buying domain names by guessing, then you are not investing all you are doing is just gambling. Most of the domains you will buy will mean the whole world to you, but they will only mean that to you and only you. It is perfect for your domains to mean everything to you but just make sure you have domains that have real values too.

Just like any other investment strategy is about finding the most repeatable model.

The good news is that some of the top domaining investors worldwide have in one way or the other shared their secrets about how they are succeeding in the industry. Most of them share this on their blogs, forums, and you can watch them live on interviews, on sites like DomainSherpa. So if you want to be successful in the game, you have to learn a proven reliable process about domaining before you start to buy.

One of the things I love about domaining is the fact that it has a lot of free tools that can be used to research potential investments before you get started. In this content, I will be showing you some of the free and effective tools that I use to research good domain names. Moreover, another interesting thing is that these tools cost nothing but your time.

On the next article we will be reviewing some of the best tools available to help you start on the right foot.


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