Domain Bought for 8.37$ and Sold for 555$

Hi Guys,

just wanted to share that i just sold a hand registered a domain for 555$

Domain Just Sold 555USD

Domain Just Sold 555USD

I list these domains with a Bin price in the range of 500 -1500$

I registered this domain in January for 8.37$, when he was dropped.

The domain is a 12 letters single word domain, french word.

I have good success with the sales in the range of 500 -1200$
I acquire these domains at expired auctions or closeouts, so the cost is anything from 10$ to 100$.
A few of them get dropped, but usually you get the good ones at expiring auctions or closeout.

based on my experience , i had more sales under 1000$ than above 1000$
I have a portfolio of 1200+domains that I started 18 months ago,
the sales covered the renew for the last 6 months, with some good profits

seem that it is easier to have an impulsive buyer go for it in the 500-800$ range
my sales became more regular after i reduced the BIN prices on lots of my domains.

these last 4 months , i had more sales with brandables and niche related domains

I still list a few domains without a BIN price, these are high value domain

post your questions on the comment section

hope it help you in your Domaining venture,

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