Costly mistakes that unwise Domainers commit until exhaustion

The most common mistakes of Domainers:

Now, most people who are just starting out with Domaining make these mistakes. If you can avoid these mistakes, then you are guaranteed a 99% chance of being ahead of other new Domainers and/or even the professionals.

  1. Buying terrible domain names

Just because the name sounds nice and you believe it must be a popularly searched word then, you head on to buy them; I must be honest with you. You are on the wrong part. If you cannot take your time to use the Google Adwords keyword tool, then you are not making a reasonable investment. My advice. Never buy more than ten domains when you are just getting started. When you make a real profit from this first ten, then you will know that you are doing it the right way.


  1. Not actively trying to sell domains

You will have to do everything you can to get your domains to the top even if it means you calling, emailing, or doing whatever you can just to get your name in front of the potential buyers. If you have not made any sales yet, then you just have to ask yourself if you are actively selling.

  1. Using duplicate content or auto blogging

Doing this will get you initial ranking but not a long term strategy.  If you want a long-term success, then you should not be looking for short term success but should be looking for long-term success. You should not be looking for short term ranking but a long one because that is what brings in the real success.

  1. Poorly pricing your domains

When you are just getting started you should not be looking for quick sales, just imagine getting a domain name for just $100 and wanting to sell them for $5000-$7000 after some few months, this totally makes no sense. You will want to bring down your price so that you can get fast sales and make more money. Going with high prices will only take you months or years before you get any sales.

  1. Giving up

Most of the people who are making six figures in this business right now went through a lot of ups and downs, and they never gave up. So if you want to be successful with this, then you have to be patient because sales might not come as quick as you want them to, but they will come around. So never give up because you can never know when the right opportunity will come your way.

To help you succeed in the domaining world, I have prepared some effective step that you can follow that will give you 100% success.  In the next article we will explore a simple checklist process that will help you in your domain investing venture.

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