Best Marketplaces to Buy Premium Domain Names

Acquiring a domain name from a marketplace is a good choice, you’ll be amazed by the quality available when you start to explore the inventories.

You may have to visit a few marketplaces to find the perfect match for your project.

I have selected the main marketplaces with large inventories. Keep track of the time you spend there, you don’t need to visit all the marketplace to find a good domain name.


Domain Name Marketplaces by preferences

  • Aftermarket
  • DomainNameSales (premium, a little overpriced and unflexible broker)
  • Afternic  (great place to get a premium at a reasonable price)
  • Cax  (some nice gem hiding there)
  • DomainMarket (provide working file with all the domains)
  •  (Chinese domain main marketplace)
  • Flippa  (oriented on selling website, you can get some domain under market value)
  • FreeMarket
  • HugeDomains  (great offer, you can buy a domain on 24payments plan)
  • Most Wanted Domains
  • Sedo (only for buying, do not waste time listing there, they think we are still in 1999. You can lose a lot of time with their rubbish backoffice submission process. Don’t ever buy an auction there, it would cost anything from 20% upto 150% commission )

There are many others that i willingly passed, because they are just a waste of time. Some marketplace will try to squeeze the maximum cash from you. Don’t be trapped in their logic and overpaid for a non premium domain name, that have very little value on the market.

Brandable Marketplaces

  • BrandBucket  (38k domains, you can filter by length and extension)
  • Brandroot   (11k domains, good quality)
  • Catchy some amazing domain there
  • Namerific  (a great source for a brand)

When looking for Brandable, be cautious to not be caught in their slick designand sale process. Some domains listed can be poor or terrible choice for a brand. Also whatever they tell you, .com is still the King when you want to launch a brand. It is 10 times easier to launch a brand around a slick 5-8 letters .com domain, than any other great 3-4letter new extension.

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