Hi Guys,

you can have a top spot to promote your website/blog on our network of “Domain Name” Hubs:

We are running a special launch deal with flexible special terms:

  1. You can try our services for a month to judge by yourself. You can cancel at anytime, and we will service you till the end of your month subscription.
  2. During our launch the special deal rate is only valid for the duration of the subscription
  3. We have 3 types of images Banner ads available:  ‘728 by 90(top)’ , ‘250 by 250(right colum with top & bottom)’ and ‘150 by 150(right column)’

Banner ads

All our “banner ads” appear on all pages of the website.

We can show a ‘728 by 90’ banner ads in the top of each page.  (Prelaunch: 250$/month)

We can show a ‘250 by 250’ banner ads in the Right panel of each page.  (Prelaunch: top-right=200$/month & bottom-right=150$/month)

We can show a ‘150 by 150’ banner ads in the Right bottom panel of each page.  (Prelaunch: 100$/month)


– Full prepayment is due before the beginning of any ad campaign, no exception.